Training Course examples

We deliver in-house training, either face-to-face at your own location or on-line, to groups of people with specific training needs in water and wastewater treatment technology. For on-line delivery there is no upper limit to the number of delegates. For face-to-face delivery the upper limit is usually 20. Courses are normally cost effective for delegate numbers of five or more.

Below are examples of specialist ‘continuing professional development’ water and wastewater treatment courses we are able to offer. All courses are modular: bespoke packages can be tailored to your training needs and budget. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also read testimonials about our services.

Delegates can be individually issued with a pdf certificate of course completion, digitally signed by the course leader. Although we cannot guarantee acceptance, you may be able to submit this certificate to your State Water Environment Association for continuing professional development accreditation purposes.

A practical guide to MBRs − getting them going, keeping them running

'A practical guide to MBRs − getting them going, keeping them running' is delivered online and draws on the 25 years of specialist knowledge of the subject from the course tutor, Simon Judd. The four-hour course focuses on the basics of membrane bioreactor technology, emphasising the real-world elements. It includes a tutorial where delegates can individually tackle a design problem, as well as an interactive exercise and an extended Q&A session.

Cost, risk and life cycle analysis (membrane technology)

​In this course, you will learn about the methods used in the water industry to assess cost, risk and environmental impact. The course is suitable for delegates with no prior knowledge of the topics and provides an understanding of the individual methodologies and how they are applied.

  • Duration
    Half day or full day
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The MBR Short Course (1 Day)

This course provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the design and operational aspects of MBR technology and its applications. The course includes hard data from commercial technologies and actual reference sites.

The MBR Short Course (2 Day)

Building on our one-day training course, learning is reinforced through tutorials on membrane technology and biological treatment, with a group assignment on aspects of MBR design and O&M.

Membrane Technology Course

This one-day course offers an understanding of the principles governing the design and operation of membrane separation processes in the municipal water sector.

Watermaths Course

This training course teaches the mathematics and maths calculations underpinning the design and operation of technologies used for purifying water and wastewater.

MBR Insights

MBR Insights is a tailored package of mp4s and webinars delivered remotely worldwide - a flexible and cost-effective means of providing technical membrane bioreactor training specific to your requirements.​

  • Duration
    As agreed
  • Location
    Delivered remotely
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Bespoke Training in Water and Wastewater Treatment

If you have a particular water and wastewater training requirement which is not met by one of our off-the-shelf courses, we will be happy to design for you a bespoke tailored package to meet your needs.

  • Duration
    As required
  • Location
    Client's own
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FREE: Water reuse: calculating energy demand in membrane technology

You will start by looking at the fundamental relationships governing flow and pressure in water systems, building to a complete determination of energy consumption for two process options. You will gain a basic understanding of membrane processes and the importance of energy consumption of membrane technologies for seawater desalination and wastewater reuse.​

  • Duration
    4 hours
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