Water and Wastewater Resources

Explore the resources below to find out more about water and wastewater treatment in general, as well as more about our activity in the field of membrane bioreactor technology.

Introduction to Treatment Technologies

The treatment of water or wastewater relies on a number of individual unit operations combined to make a process. The same underpinning mechanisms, either physical or chemical in nature, apply to the process whatever the type of water or wastewater to be treated.

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Simon's MBR Blog

Simon writes an occasional blog on his specialist area of MBR technology. He writes widely on the subject covering topics such as MBR costs, PFAS and the top 10 factors to consider when setting up a membrane bioreactor.

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The MBR Site

The MBR Site is a source of information for anyone interested in membrane bioreactor technology and advanced wastewater processes – including practitioners, students and researchers worldwide. It holds directories of suppliers, membrane products and reference installations, and publishes regular technical features by MBR experts.

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The MBR Group

A forum of nearly 14,000 professionals interested in MBR technology, managed by Simon and Claire Judd. This is a closed group, so you will need to request to join.

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Launched in 2020, SludgeProcessing.com aims to be a leading source of information and guidance for everyone interested in sludge processing for water or wastewater treatment.

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