About Judd Water & Wastewater Consultants

We were set up in 2016 and offer technical consultancy and specialist training worldwide. We are based just outside London in the UK.

Judd Water & Wastewater Consultants offers consultancy and training in pure, potable and wastewater treatment technology, including:

  • marine water treatment
  • industrial effluent treatment
  • municipal wastewater treatment
  • boiler feed water treatment
  • produced water treatment
  • wastewater recovery and reuse
  • membrane technology.

As a husband-and-wife team, Simon and Claire Judd's specialist knowledge and services are based on Simon’s twenty-five-year career in teaching, research and consultancy in the field of water and wastewater, and Claire's many years of editorial and website experience.

Simon has experience of working with:

  • three of the six UK water companies
  • a consumer goods supplier
  • a Danish pump manufacturer
  • a Finnish chemicals supplier
  • a Finnish marine industry wastewater engineering company
  • a Swedish architecture and engineering consultancy
  • a UAE properties and facilities development company
  • a UK food processing equipment supplier
  • a UK marine engineering, technical and business services organisation
  • a UK marine industry wastewater engineering company
  • a US chemicals and membranes supplier
  • a US industrial gas supplier
  • an industrial filtration and system components manufacturer and supplier
  • an international environmental engineering company
  • an Omani wastewater services company.

Over the years, we have established a huge network of industry contacts, not least as a result of working with over 250 contributors to our publications ‘The MBR Book’ (Elsevier, 2006 and 2010), Watermaths (2019) and ‘Industrial MBRs’ (2014), and as managers of The MBR Group on LinkedIn.com, which itself has over 7,000 members. We also own the specialist websites The MBR Site and SludgeProcessing.com.

Simon holds the Maersk Oil Professorial Chair in Environmental Engineering at Qatar University and is Professor of Membrane Technology at Cranfield University in the UK. He is a Chartered Chemist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an Associate Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. In 2015, Simon was voted number 5 in the list of the water industry’s high fliers (Water and Wastewater International).

Claire Judd is manager of The MBR Site and SludgeProcessing.com and co-editor of many of our publications.

Please feel free to contact us if you think we may be able to help. And if we can’t, we might just know someone who can.