Water and Wastewater Consultancy

Simon Judd has been working in the field of water and wastewater treatment since the mid 80s. The knowledge he has gained since then underpins our specialist advice and guidance to clients all over the world.

With our extensive network of contacts and expertise, Judd Water & Wastewater Consultants offers a full range of consultancy services in potable and wastewater treatment technology, including:

  • advice on operation and maintenance of individual unit processes
  • advice on selection of appropriate water/wastewater process treatment schemes
  • scoping, technical evaluation and outline costing of water and wastewater technology options
  • ‘state of the art’ appraisal and synopsis of peer-reviewed and grey literature
  • co-authorship of papers, proposals and bids, or advice and guidance in their preparation
  • writing/presentation of technical reports
  • trouble-shooting of technical problems
  • site visits
  • training and teaching
  • research experimental design.

Where we think we are able to assist you in your consultancy project, we offer a free, informal 10-minute discussion via MS Teams so you can decide, with no obligation, if we are the right people for you.

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