Research Topics

Key topics forming the basis of Simon’s research publications since 2010 have included the following:

Technical process optimisation:

  • MBRs (Verrecht et al, 2010a; Maere et al, 2011)
  • potable water membrane filtration (Porcelli and Judd, 2010a)
  • wastewater reuse membrane filtration (Raffin et al, 2011, 2012a; Hatt et al, 2011a), and desalination (Raffin et al, 2011, 2012b);)
  • wastewater microscreening (Hatt et al, 2011b)
  • sludge membrane thickening (Zsirai et al, 2014), and
  • coagulant recovery (Keeley et al, 2016).

Cost analysis:

  • MBRs (Verrecht et al, 2010b, 2012; Lo et al, 2016)
  • potable water membrane cleaning (Porcelli and Judd, 2010b)
  • coagulant recovery and reuse from potable water sludge (Keeley et al, 2012)
  • reverse osmosis/nanofiltration of wastewater (Garcia et al, 2013a), and
  • advanced oxidation of wastewater (James et al, 2014).

Process technology review:

  • MBR technology (Santos et al, 2010a; Santos et al, 2011; Judd, 2016)
  • potable water membrane cleaning (Porcelli and Judd, 2010b)
  • micropollutant fate (Santos and Judd, 2010b)
  • wastewater reuse installations (Raffin et al, 2013)
  • produced water treatment technology (Judd et al, 2014), and
  • algal technology (Judd et al, 2015).