Watermaths Course

Note: There are no scheduled dates for this course, but it can be run on demand for organisations requiring training for groups of ten or more delegates


This course provides a grounding in the mathematics underpinning the design and operation of technologies used for purifying water and wastewater. The course aims to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to tackle the most important maths calculations demanded in this area.

Delegates will each receive a copy of our book Watermaths.

What is Covered?

  • manipulation of equations, including logarithmic and exponential expressions
  • fluid physics for describing flow through pipes, channels and filters
  • chemical concentrations and reactions for defining chemical dosing
  • chemical and biochemical kinetics for assessing the impact of speed of reactions
  • mass balance for determining fate of materials through unit processes
  • mass transfer for movement of materials across boundaries within processes
  • reactor theory for designing biochemical and chemical reaction vessels.

Course Outcomes

  • understand the underlying basic physical scientific principles applicable to fluid flow
  • understand the relevant fundamental engineering principles of mass balance, mass transfer and reactors
  • understand the concept of kinetics, as applied to chemistry and biochemistry
  • demonstrate an ability to identify and apply governing equations for processing data relating to the above, and
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of algebraic manipulations.

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Course Details

  • Duration
    1-5 Days
  • Location
  • Date
    By Appointment
  • Places
    Max 18 Delegates
  • Cost
    Please Enquire

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