Industrial MBRs by Simon Judd

Membrane bioreactors for industrial wastewater treatment.

 Industrial Mbrs

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Written for wastewater treatment practitioners, Industrial MBRs offers a concise guide to the design, operation and application of membrane bioreactor technology to the treatment of industrial effluents. The book focuses on a number of key industrial sectors: food and beverage, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, landfill leachate, pulp and paper, textiles, and ships.

An overview of MBR technology is provided, in terms of principal design components, process operability, running costs and operational challenges. Most of the key commercial membrane technologies available on the market today are summarised, with reference to their configuration, dimensions and applications.

With over 50 case studies demonstrating a number of key industrial wastewater treatment applications, Industrial MBRs is a comprehensive summary of MBR technology as applied to the most challenging of wastewaters arising from industrial activities.

The book assumes only a basic knowledge of science and engineering, and is suitable for both undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as process operators, engineers and scientists. Included in the book:

  • 6-page introduction to industrial effluent and MBR technology
  • 25-page summary of MBR basics, including technical design, O&M and costing
  • 42-page review of industrial effluent characteristics and treatment from seven industrial sectors: food & beverage, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, textiles, landfill leachate and ships
  • 35-page specifications summary of 48 commercially-available MBR membrane products
  • 51 case studies, including design and O&M data.

Book review:

'The Industrial MBRs book offers technical details to anyone interested in the application of MBR technologies to an industrial wastewater source. As a beginner into this field I found the book extremely useful as it answered some of the queries I had related to MBR applications. The book features an abundance of operational technical data, which is rather hard to obtain.

'I particularly enjoyed the format of the book which makes the book easy to navigate whilst covering a complex field.'

Dan Golea

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Product Details

  • Author: Simon Judd
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Published: September 2014 by Judd and Judd Ltd, UK
  • ISBN: 978-1-7804070-3-6
  • Format: A4 format, Soft cover, 160 pages